Here at Jumpstart, we have three (3) plans available for all our subscribers - Basic, Plus, and Pro. Basic only covers your Corp or LLC formation, whereas Plus and Pro are the complete plans that have business formation, an EIN, and a Bank Account.

Below is our table of comparison for our 3 plans mentioned. Check out how these 3 vary with each other. Although, please note that these are our old pricing plans, if you were subscribed to the Basic, Plus or Pro plans, these are the inclusions:

Recurring Payments. Jumpstart is a paid service for an initial period of 12 months. The paid services are billed to you using a recurring payment system that recurs and is billed on either a monthly or yearly basis. You will be charged each month or year on the corresponding date you began using the Services. If a payment fails or is expired, you will be notified by Jumpstart, and access to the Services will be suspended until payment is received. You may elect to discontinue some or all of your paid services at any time by contacting Should you elect to discontinue any of the paid services prior to the expiration of the initial 12-month term you may be required to pay a $25 cancellation fee and any other expenses which have been paid or incurred by Jumpstart, including state or third-party vendor fees.

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