We help international clients obtain Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN)

What can you do with an ITIN?

Open a personal US bank account
Open a PayPal account
Apply for a U.S. credit card
Get a loan from a bank
File a US tax return as a foreigner

Documents Required

  • Valid Passport

  • EIN Confirmation Letter

  • Articles of Organization/Incorporation

ITIN Process

Request Required Documents (1 hour)

  • We request a set of documents from you for filing an ITIN. You will need to bring your company formation documents as well as your EIN and valid passport.

Filing time (1-2 business days)

  • A specialist will work to prepare your application for you. You will need to provide the requested documents and answer any questions the specialist asks of you.

ITIN Processing Time (45 business days)

  • This is the typical time it takes for the IRS to receive, process, and send back your ITIN application. We know this is a long time, but since the IRS is a government body there is nothing we can do to expedite. However, rest assured, if any issues arise or the IRS reaches out to us for additional information, we'll respond within 24 hours to ensure your application does not get delayed.

Document Scanning & Upload (8 hours)

  • Once we receive your ITIN, we'll scan and upload them to a shared folder so you can access them and then prepare to forward your documents internationally.

Document Mailing Time (1-3 weeks, depending on location)

  • We'll mail your hard copies of your ITIN documents for your records. We'll cover up to $20 in shipping fees. If you live in a high shipping cost region you'll be expected to cover the shipping.

Each filing includes a dedicated specialist who is a IRS Certified Acceptance Agent (IRS CAA) that is authorized by the IRS to submit ITIN applications for individuals. Additionally, when using an IRS CAA, you are not required to send actual copies of your passport as the IRS CAA can certify your copies for you and the processing time is usually faster when submitted by an IRS CAA.

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