The Mercury virtual debit card is available to you after your Mercury account has been created and allows you to use your debit card without having a physical copy.

Below is a short one minute video explaining how to make and access a Mercury virtual debit card! (Written steps provided farther below)

Steps To Creating A Virtual Debit Card:

  1. Go to your home dash board In Mercury (Hyperlink)

  2. Select "Cards" on the left hand panel

  3. Select "New Card"

  4. Select a name and an associated account

  5. In the customize card section, select Virtual

  6. Enter a daily spending limit (max $5,000)

  7. Select "Create Virtual Card"

Within a few minutes you will receive a verification email from Mercury that your new card is ready!

Once complete, you can access your virtual debit card by selecting "Cards" in your Mercury dashboard and clicking on your virtual card. Here you will be able to see the 16 digit debit card number and all information needed to use it.

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