I am US citizen and a sole owner of an LLC. I live abroad, and my business is online only, without any physical connection. What kind of tax would I have to pay?

Online businesses are taxed just like any other business for income tax purposes and as a US citizen you are subject to tax on worldwide income. If you are living abroad, you may qualify for an earned income exclusion for wages you earn overseas, but profits from your US business would still be subject to state and federal income taxes in the US.

An individual can qualify for a foreign earned income exclusion, but the amount of exclusion is $97,600 for 2013 and earnings over that amount in any one year are taxable.

I am U.S. citizen living abroad. Is there a way for me to run a business from abroad and avoid being taxed in the U.S.?

There is the potential to avoid or at least delay, US taxation through setting up a non-US subsidiary, but that is typically only temporary as any earnings would be taxable in the US if or when those earnings are brought back into the US.cc

Depending on the long term goals of the taxpayer he might at least defer paying US tax, but if he intends to bring that money back into the US at some point it will probably be taxed as foreign profits. There are some methods to further defer or avoid US taxation of repatriated profits, but it is a complex area of the tax code that is very specific to the taxpayer's situation and way beyond what we would attempt to explain here.

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